2011 Artist – Ben Kent

28 02 2011

Ben Kent has been performing since age 9.  He has always enjoyed music, showing the first signs of his talent as a toddler singing and dancing around the house.  Influenced by the likes of Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz he began playing guitar and found a natural talent that has grown over these past years.   His parents Will and Marcia have influenced and encouraged his abilities.  

In 2010 he had his 1st public performance, performing solo playing acoustic covers and original music at Cubestock, a charity event sponsored by BAE Systems.   He then auditioned for America’s Got Talent.   Since then he has been developing his repertoire of songs, posting various videos to his YouTube account as “TheKentKid”.  His parents and siblings are proud of his innate abilities and will be supporting his continued musical endeavors along.  Ben is excited to appear once again at Cubestock 2011 with new material for his fans. Look for Ben and familial entourage, parents Will and Marcia and siblings Jessica, Bethany, and Rebecca at this year’s Cubestock event.




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