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OCT 20, 2012

The CUBESTOCK music fest returns, an evening of live music at Endwell Greens “Rock Stadium”!


$10 at the door / $8 presale

This fund-raising event is hosted by music-loving employees of BAE Systems in Endicott to support community non-profit organizations.   Everyone is welcome, please bring friends!  We love dancers, too!

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Nova City – Swagger

Pawn Shop  – Voodoo Highway

Cubestock is proudly Partnering with:

Central NY ALZ org is on facebook: too      http://www.facebook.com/alzcny


PAWN SHOP appearing at CUBESTOCK 2012

15 10 2012


Pawn Shop returns to shake up Cubestock with their ska-flavored rock and dance covers, featuring the music of Sublime and No Doubt.  Cubestock founding members Jeff Moat and Pete Chady performed together for the first time at Cubestock 1, and later had Pawn Shop’s public debut as a 5-piece band at Cubestock ’08.





NOVA CITY appearing at CUBESTOCK 2012

14 10 2012

Nova City

Nova City is a rising star in the Binghamton scene, playing an exciting cross of high energy rock and modern female pop.  Nova City debuted in summer 2011, and returns for their second Cubestock appearance

Nova City Info


2011 Band – Nova City

24 08 2011

Nova City

Pop, Punk, Rock, Alternative, Metal
Nova City has a lot of goals and a lot off drive. The band is centered around two lead singers, Ashley Lux and Tory Daral. The band combines a wide range of musical influences to make something that appeals both to the technical musician and the typical radio listener. We’re keeping ourselves diverse enough to play 30min to 1hr openings, full 3 hour sets, and 30min to 1hr original sets. We’re also trying to keep our cover music diverse enough to fit with a variety of different crowds including pop, pop rock, metal, and classic rock interests.

2011 Artist: Voodoo Highway

9 04 2011

Voodoo Highway

Voodoo Highway is a bluesy, funky, rockin’, jazzy, groovin’ classic rock/blues band based in the Binghamton area. Featuring powerhouse performances, soulful grooves, and passionate-but-focused improvisations, they love to spread good vibes through their mix of classic rock, blazing blues, cool reggae, and even a little bit of country. They also have a growing repertoire of their own music that is by turns playful, incisive, sexy, and always diverse. The band combines experienced musicians from different genres, offering classic guitar tones, a creative rhythm section, and an evolving set list that will take you on a trip through timeless music–echoing from Yasgur’s farm through the decades and resonating deep in your soul. So set aside your troubles, leave your blues at home, and come take a ride with Voodoo Highway. Friend/Like Voodoo Highway on Facebook!


Voodoo Highway at Cubestock 2009:

2011 Artist: Pawn Shop

9 04 2011

Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop pays tribute to the band Sublime, who in the early nineties, recorded a unique twist of reggae/punk/ska/hip hop that grabbed people and made some deeply devoted fans, including Pawn Shop members.  The band presents the music of Sublime  – not only the mainstream hits but the favorites of hardcore fans as well, to share the love, anger, and energy with more people.    Pawn Shop also can’t sit still and has been expanding their horizons to embrace more music that you may recognize but might be surprised to hear, including old reggae, obscure alt-rock, new country, and unexpected pop hits.  But why stop there?  Do you want to hear a Beatles tune the same old way, or played in a whole new genre?  Pawn Shop challenges you to listen to something different.  Push!



Pawn Shop at Cubestock 2011:

2011 Artist: The B-Sides

9 03 2011

The B-Sides

The B-Sides is a six piece band that plays a range of folk rock ballads and blues tunes that tell a story, featuring the band’s original tunes and obscure covers. The guys come from bands that perform locally including Mandana, Open Door, and the Eric Ross Blues Band. The singers are backed by solid percussion and keyboard, with bass, rhythm and lead guitars. Their music has an edge that will give you goose bumps and leave you dancing in the aisles.


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